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‘Wolf Hall’ Viewers Flock to the Soundtrack

Corinee Ramey for the Wall Street Journal
Television soundtrack music often fades from memory as fast as remotes can switch channels, but something different happened with the British miniseries “Wolf Hall.”...
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Richard III, Previous Visit a Bust, Is Warmly Received 530 Years Later

John F. Burns for The New York Times
Nearly 530 years after King Richard III was slain on a battlefield near the city of Leicester, a coffin containing his remains was paraded through the crowded streets of that English Midlands city ahead of a formal reburial ceremony at...
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Shakespeare’s Sonnets, All 154, Reimagined Through a New York Lens

Stuart Miller for The New York Times
The film is part of an ambitious project to create a short film for each of Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets, with each movie shot at a different New York City location....
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Shakespeare’s antisemitic lines must be censored at times, says Rylance

The Guardian
The actor Mark Rylance has said he has to cut out parts of Shakespeare’s plays because they are antisemitic. The former artistic director of the Globe Theatre in London, who is starring in the BBC’s Wolf Hall, said: “I don’t think...

Royal Shakespeare Company looks to discover a new musical star with competition to reinterpret songs by the Bard

It has a worldwide reputation for showcasing the best acting talent, but the Royal Shakespeare Company’s latest project seeks to uncover a musical star....

Good Lovers Lie

Clancy Martin for The New York Times
Save your ruthless pursuit of the truth for the laboratory; we lovers would rather be like Shakespeare: “Therefore I lie with her and she with me / And in our faults by lies we flatter’d be.” Don’t worry so much...