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  • Shakespeare in the Bush
    Started by Jacob on Apr 2, 2014
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    Shakespeare in the Bush by Laura Bohannan tells the story of teaching Hamlet to members of a West African tribe.

    This author sets out to prove that Hamlet is “universally intelligible.” She finds that the impression Hamlet leaves on the tribe is very different from what she expected. An interesting read!


    My Thoughts:

    So, are Shakespeare’s works truly universal? In some sense, I think so. The literature has lasted and proves to continually be a source of creativity throughout hundreds of years. It’s the fact that every single person has the potential to extract something different and beautiful from Shakespeare’s works that makes it so worth coming back to over and over.The sheer amount of Shakespeare’s works produced is a testament to their value in and of itself. So, even if the characters exist in another world, their stories are universal, even to remote tribes in West African Villages. All it takes is a little bit of storytelling.


    Shakespeare in the Bush
    by Laura Bohannan:


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