Shake 38


Q / What is

A // is a forum for people from around the world interested in provocative, timely ideas about William Shakespeare.

Q / Who can post?

A //
Anyone can submit a discussion idea and share a Shakespearean event. curates the conversation in order to provide a lively, continuous forum.

Q / What can I post?

A //
Short essays, photos, music, video, illustrations, recipes! SHAKE 38 is a global sharing of ideas and creations all inspired by William Shakespeare.

Q / How do I become a “Regular?”

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We’re putting together a group of “Regulars” (aka curators) who will lead the conversation through a variety of posts. We’re looking for songwriters, theorists, illustrators, divas, fashionistas, photographers, chefs, politicians, provocateurs, designers, mathematicians, scholars, gamers, comic book writers, and “roles yet to be created.”